Commission Information

Commission Status: OPEN

What I can draw for you:

fan art / fan characters / original characters + outfit designs/ anthro characters / monsters / aliens/ robots / your best friend / your pet / your favorite house plant personified/ ships & couples interacting in cute scenarios / and much more!

traditional, portrait

traditional, portrait

Traditional Sketch and Line Art

Drawn in traditional media and scanned.

  • Portrait - $10
  • Torso - $15
  • Full Body - $20


Digital Portrait

  • Line Art - $20
  • Flat Color - $25
  • Full Shading - $35
portrait, full shading

portrait, full shading

torso, full shading

torso, full shading

Digital Torso

  • Line Art - $25
  • Flat Color - $35
  • Full Shading - $45

digital Full Body

  • Line Art- $30
  • Flat Color - $40
  • Full Shading - $50
full body, flat color

full body, flat color

character sheet, full shading

character sheet, full shading

Character Sheet

One Portrait, One Torso, and Two Full Body

  • Flat Color - $65
  • Full Shading - $80

Each additional character is +50% of the original price.
Detailed backgrounds are +50% of the original price.

All payments will be requested through PayPal invoice. Full Payment in advance before I’ll start your commission. Sketches and and W.I.P.s can be sent to you for approval. I will also coordinate live draws for you through Join.Me or Pictaro.TV if you would like a more involved process.

When the drawing is completed then I will email you a link with a high-res PDF, and a smaller watermarked version may be posted online unless otherwise requested.

More Information:

Traditional Art can be mailed to you if you pay for shipping and handling.

Please email me if you have, at:

Thank You!